Best Photos of 2016

Every December, I search back through my photos and pick ten to print and display for the coming year.  The printed photos live on the photo collage next to my bed.

This year, I trouble finding 10 photos I really liked.  I guess taking good photos is another of the casualties of the changeover to the 40-hour week.  But here are the 10 I found to be good enough.

Here’s the photo that became the Christmas Card.  I love the Fairlift and I love the bright colors in this photo.

Also from the fair, this goat was nicely framed and had a sweet expression.

Another contender from the fair.  (What would I have done if we didn’t attend the fair?).  This monster truck is completely off the ground!

The vacationing couple, or perhaps important photographer and muse.  I mostly printed this for the memory of the endless photo-ing, but I also like how her outfit stands out against the gray Washington coastline.

Another photo from vacation.  This is Lake Crescent and its very blue water.

On the way to a weekend retreat in Centralia.  There’s actually an Instagram version of this photo that is better.  But this was the one I took with my camera.

The colors and the fog made this one a winner.  it’s also a good reminder that my regular walk across the bridge can be magical.

Usually the top spot in my photo collage frame is a concert or performance of some sort.  This was a panel discussion at Wordstock, so not necessarily a performance.  But it was very entertaining, and the selfie from different angles made me laugh.  It’s also a nice showcase of the Old Church.

Early morning contrails and an alley.  This photo didn’t come out quite the way I wanted it to. It’s standing in for the picture in my mind, which is even better.

Another “performance” photo.  This one was snapped a fraction of a second too late.  During Love’s Labour’s Lost this was musical montage backed with “Theme from a Summer Place.”  This couple made me laugh.

4 thoughts on “Best Photos of 2016”

  1. You included some of my favorites of yours! Overall, a very nice collection, I think. 🙂

    Having now had goats in my backyard, I don’t think I’ll ever look at them in the same way again. They are a pain in the ass. Still very cute, though, especially the babies.

  2. I totally looked at this and enjoyed the commentary on photos but didn’t comment. BLARGH!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the fair picture! Of course I’m hoping one of our fair pictures makes the cut for next year! Cannot wait!!!

    1. Unless something spectacular happens at the fair to change my mind, I’ve already got the Christmas card picture locked in. But I’m quite certain several fair pictures will make their way to the Best Photos 2017 list.

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