Betsy Tacy House signs and the bench

A few parting shots:

The Betsy and Tacy signs.




Sara and I take simultaneous pictures standing on the hitching blocks.


The road up the big hill.  Which ends now, instead of continuing up the big hill.


Sara waiting for me to set up the timer shot on the bench.



Alas, this is the best of the timer-shot bunch. ¬†“Up” is not a good angle.


The view from the bench. The white house on the corner is Tacy’s house.


One last look at Tacy’s house.


3 thoughts on “Betsy Tacy House signs and the bench”

  1. That seems like a very small bench. I suppose it was just the right size for two young girls? I’m sure it’s not “the” bench anymore, but do you know if the recreation was built in exact dimensions?

    1. My guess is no, because I think the bench was gone long before the books were written so they went with descriptions/instructions after the fact.

  2. Some day…in some day land, my pictures of this adventure will be up and then you will see yourself on the other hitching post!

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