Inside Tacy’s House

Tacy’s house is used as a museum, gift shop, and work space for the Betsy-Tacy Society.  I was impressed with the quality of artifacts on display.

It turns out that had Sara and I arrived last summer, we would not have been able to take those pictures on the hitching blocks.IMG_4144

Pictures of real-life people that Betsy’s “Crowd” was based on.


The real-life alter egos of Tacy, Betsy and Tib, back in Mankato (Deep Valley) in 1961.


This was perhaps my favorite period item on display.  I kind of want to read Lady Audley’s Secret.  Oh wait, we have the internet.  I totally can.


That was one nice-looking house.  Too bad it’s gone.


Lovelace’s typewriter.  Such a pretty blue thing.


Betsy and Tacy went to Spain in 1968.  (This is amusing if you know that Betsy, Tacy and Tib wrote a letter to the King of Spain, who they were in love with.)


In one of the high school books, the girls in the crowd form a sorority they call the Octo-Deltas.  Here is Lovelace’s Octo-Delta pin.


Tib, Betsy and Tacy (they so rarely sit in the proper order of their names) in high school.

Pictures of Tacy’s family.


Pictures of Tib’s family.


The gift shop offered a variety of wondrous things, and I spent a goodly bit of money.  My favorite acquisition was the Betsy-Tacy songbook, which collects the songs mentioned in the Betsy-Tacy books and includes a write-up and sheet music for all of them.

4 thoughts on “Inside Tacy’s House”

  1. I forget, do you play an instrument? I’m wondering if you’ll try to play any of the songs in the books. It’s so interesting so see the picture of them in HS juxtaposed against the picture of them in the ’60s.

    1. I’ve been re-teaching myself piano, but I’m not good enough to play any of the music in the book. I noodled around through most of the songs, though.

  2. I just love that these women were lifelong friends. No matter the distance between them or the time that had passed, they stayed close. It is just such a wonderful legacy of the bonds of female friendship.

  3. And with that comment, I am caught up on your visit. Not done with July, but caught up on your visit. Progress. More soon!

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