Matt and I were going out to dinner, but first we stopped by Kenton Cycle Repair to have them look over his bike before his big ride.  Here’s where the Kenton Bike Shop is located.
They had a lot of bikes for sale outside, so I took some pictures.  
I love these fenders.  They look really cool.
This is a nice little Raleigh.  With good fenders too.
I love this red road bike.
I wouldn’t mind owning this one.
I always appreciate a nice Trek.

3 thoughts on “Bikes!”

  1. Those silver and red fenders are pretty cool! That shop seems reasonably priced, or perhaps I have a skewed idea about bicycle prices because Dan had a co worker here whose cheapest bike cost him $1500. The one he rode across the country cost him 10K, which I thought was insane, but he was a very intense, weird guy so it kind of made sense.

  2. I bought a bike for $700.00 once and then had to sell it because I was worried that it would be stolen. All of my bikes have been in the $400.00 range.

  3. My first beautiful bike was a pink huffy with a banana seat and proper wide handle bars. So gorgeous! But my most special bike was a Raleigh. That was the bike we took to Ireland and I rode all of the Ring of Kerry. I have an affinity for the company since then. Such lovely bikes.

    My sister's bikes are pretty spendy. Since she races and has a ranking, I suppose there is a purpose to that.

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