I can only imagine the story behind this.

I know why there are ketchup and mustard dispensers sitting in the kitchen at work.  They are being used by the children to make peace flags.*  By why this mustard dispenser has a label on it that says, “predators are too close”?  Who knows?
*It occurs to me that the above sentence will make no sense to anyone else but staff at school.  So here’s what they did:  children color coffee filters with crayola-type markers, then the mustard/ketchup containers are filled with water and the water is sprayed over the coffee filter and that causes the colors to run on the coffee filter.  The filters are hung to dry et voila!  Peace Flags.

2 thoughts on “I can only imagine the story behind this.”

  1. Seems like the label maker was bored, haha. Very cool info about the peace flags. You learn something new every day!

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