Finished! Reading for the Mock Printz

I am ready to discuss all 17 books for the Mock Printzes I will attend.  I’ve already been to the Hollywood Mock Printz.  What will the YALSA (Library) Mock Printz have in store for me? (Also: notice there isn’t much overlap between the two lists)

Reading for the Mock Printz was more difficult before I was a part of the Librarian Book Group.  Thanks to them, I had already read eight of the books.

3 thoughts on “Finished! Reading for the Mock Printz”

  1. I’m impressed that there isn’t much overlap! Do they consult with one another to avoid overlap or was it coincidental?

    1. They do not consult with each other at all. I think it’s a good example of how books are received by different audiences.

  2. The lack of overlap, as noted above, is so interesting! I know many of the titles, but haven’t read any. The Sun is Also a Star is currently on my kindle app.

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