Highlights from the Avenue of the Roses Parade

Friends Mark & Amanda live at the end of the Avenue of Roses Parade route and host a party. I love a good parade, especially a good small parade, so I went. Here are some highlights.

While 82nd Avenue does have problems with prostitution and I certainly support this group’s efforts, I kept imagining the questions posed along the parade route, “Mommy, why don’t real men buy sex?”

Who doesn’t love a good scary dragon?

I was intrigued by these characters, and unfortunately, missed capturing the group’s name.

Gotta love returned Peace Corps volunteers.

I also loved this cool holder for the saint carried by this Catholic church. It allowed for smooth carrying and left room for waving.

These puffy air-filled dinosaurs were delightful. I’d never seen puffy characters before.

Some cool parade goers make some noise and wave the flag.

It became apparent that the classic cars were turning right off of 82nd, and we were to the left, so we missed them, but we did get to see a lot of the parade. Thanks to Mark & Amanda for hosting.

2 thoughts on “Highlights from the Avenue of the Roses Parade”

  1. How fun to go to a parade viewing party! That’s so fun!!! Love that dragon and the puffy T-Rex crew! The unknown characters might be either Central or South American and, if so, are a remnant of colonialism and conquistador invasion. Many Central/South American dance troupes include these, sometimes bafoonish, other times cruel faced, or in some cases saintlike/godlike if they reference precolonial gods or mythological figures. I can’t remember more details or what the names of the masked figures or I would share a link that makes sure I am not just talking outside of my knowledge base.

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