Home Sewing Skills: I Make Masks

We begin with a blurry photo of one of the dish clothes my Aunt Carol embroidered for me. I’ve been using them as cloth napkins and they’ve always been too big. Enter a global pandemic and the need for cloth to make masks and I can solve two problems at once.

We now have a decent sized napkin and some excess material for making masks!

The assembly line is in place. I also cut up a shirt I had in the pile of clothing to be donated to use as the other layer.

And we have mask!

I made masks for family members and for myself. It was one of those days it felt good to have sewing skills.

One thought on “Home Sewing Skills: I Make Masks”

  1. I love this! Delightful design and colors – plus the newly refurbished napkins.

    I love playing with my signing name…

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