Hot tip: use your double timer to your advantage

One of the annoying factors of baking cookies is having to turn the cookies halfway through the baking time. If I’m using the oven timer I have to remember to reset the timer. It’s not unusual for me to forget this, usually on the last round of cookies.

However!  I now have this timer that can have three different times running on it, and it occurred to me that I could set the top timer for half time and the second timer for the full time and then start them both at the same time. Then, as I’m rotating the cookies, that second timer just keeps counting down. Brilliant!

2 thoughts on “Hot tip: use your double timer to your advantage”

  1. That is brilliant. Tonight I had something in the oven and something on the stove that needed timing. I used our timer and my phone. This would have been a godsend. Also you are one smart cookie for coming up with this…buh-dump-bump-ching!

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