Kansas City Ethnic Festival

Heather and I visited Kansas City’s Ethnic Festival (the 35th Annual) and had many delicious things to eat.  
Here you can see Aebleskiver from Norway being made.

There were also crafts sold at many of the booths.

I ate these delicious Swedish Meatballs wrapped in lefse and garnished with Lingonberry sauce.  It was salty sweet and delicious.

Heather got Potatas Brava from Spain.

Really awesome shields. 

The Serbia booth.

Where I got Serbian style potato salad.  Which was delicious!

Irish dancers not yet in full costume.  I don’t blame them.  It was hot and that hair must be crazy conductors of heat.

The Slavic Group demonstrates some Czech and Slovak dancing.

Guess what was delicious?  Egyptian Hibiscus Iced Drink.  I had several different drinks and this was my favorite.

Their booth was awesome too.

This was the first of three Empanadas.  This from Bolivia and was with cheese.  It was my favorite empanada too.

We sat for a while and watched dancers.  I snuck pictures of people in the crowd.

Like these two, paying attention to what was happening on stage.

Irish dancers are now costumed.

Head in a hole!

And another!  I approached these from the back, so had no idea what head I was committing to.

Heather went for the geisha.

Post-dance Irish dancer, identified by her hair.

My second empanada, this one from Ecuador and filled with beef.

The Blautaler Folk Danceers had these great half socks that I loved.

I liked the blue skirts too, but those calf socks!  So cool.  And the feathers on the caps.
It was rainy, so Heather got a subscription to the KC Star and we got an umbrella.

We watched the Tamuritzan/Hrvatski Obicaj group perform Croatian music.

This was a fun sing along.

Sneaking more pictures of the audience.

This lady brought her own chair.  Which I bet she’s owned since the early 1980s.

Summer rain watched from under a covered roof is a-okay with me.

Self-portrait of bag.

3 thoughts on “Kansas City Ethnic Festival”

  1. This looks so awesome! All the food, the costumes, the dancing, everything looks fantastic. I'm so jealous & now wondering if we have any kind of event like this near us.

  2. Completely jealous right now. Looks DELICIOUS!!!! You know I adore the head-in-a-hole and believe that they are underutilized as a form of photo opp!

  3. The kinda cool thing about the festival is that they had a little passport book that you could have stamped at each and every booth from all the countries. So you could pretend that you went to Egypt and Sweden and Spain in one night!

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