Laundry Area Rehab. The Before

Our top-of-the-line washer has pooped out just a few months after the one-year warranty expired. Maytag has agreed to cover the cost of parts and labor to fix it and the repair man pointed out that maybe moving the washer and dryer back into the closet would be better for the washer.

However, that move would make a problem for the dryer. The reason we moved the unit out of the closet was because it was hard to vent.

There is also the matter of the cats’ litter boxes. If we separate the unit and put the washer in the closet (thus getting rid of that multiple chained hoses situation) and the dryer on the ground in the not-closet, where will the cats’ litter boxes go?

The solution came to me while I was in a half-awake state on Friday morning and I spent a few hours sketching out the plan. We just needed to build a pedestal for the dryer to sit on, but one that was high enough for the cats’ litter boxes to fit under. Luckily, the manufacturer-created pedestals are ridiculously expensive and several people had made their own and put their building process online, so I had some guidance.

On Saturday morning, I went to buy the supplies. That part didn’t go smoothly because though I had measured the Honda Civic to ensure that plywood cut in half would fit into the back seat (it would!) I neglected to measure the opening to the back seat. It was not big enough for the plywood to fit, as I found when I went to load up the car. Thankfully Laurie and Burt have a truck and Matt went to borrow it.

After that, I came home and made this as close to an Ikea project as I could.

You can see my labels and marks. Everything is premeasured and we will tackle this tomorrow. Hopefully we can get the platform built in time to get it ready for when the repair man comes back to install the new parts.

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