Lizzy Acker is my new favorite reporter for the Oregonian

I initially took this picture because I’m pretty sure when that couple on the right married 75 years ago, they had no idea that their long marriage would someday be featured in the newspaper next to a workout involving pole dancing.

The story about the married couple was great, and also so was the article about pole dancing as exercise. Check out Lizzy Acker’s first three paragraphs.

And also the last four paragraphs.

Aside from general reporting, which she also seems to do, Lizzy Acker does oddball series. This is part of her week of weird workouts series. She’s also done an extensive review of black leggings; seven days of living like a kid in Oregon; and going dancing every night for a week in Portland.

In all these articles she brings a fun zing and some thoughtful weight to her words. I look forward to reading more from her.

2 thoughts on “Lizzy Acker is my new favorite reporter for the Oregonian”

  1. Finally! Something good about your dwindling paper! Glad that her writing is so fun to read…I certainly enjoyed the snippet you shared. And that is a pro tip about needing shorties for the workout!

    Also – Of course your note about the married couple really takes it over the top!

    1. They also just facilitated a conversation about guns, which I found to be very interesting and good use of their journalistic time.

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