Mabel disaster

It was too big in the waist.  I’m glad, because the entire time I was sewing it, I kept thinking, “I didn’t realize I was that large in the waist.”  The pieces of material at the top are how much I cut off of the waist to make it fit.
So the bottom has to come in that much.  Which is going to throw everything off.  Grrr.

2 thoughts on “Mabel disaster”

  1. Oh no! Well, you're an accomplished seamstress, so I'm sure you'll figure it out.

    When I made my skirt in class, I was actually in between an XS and an M because my hips are kind of big in relation to the rest of my body. The teacher measured it out for me though because as soon as he started throwing numbers at me I got confused. When I tried it on, it was perfect. I was actually kind of bummed because I felt like I would have learned more if I'd needed to adjust it.

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