Minnesota State Fair Day Two: CHS Miracle of Birth Center

Let’s look at the baby animals!  The informational sign says that they choose animals that are comfortable giving birth around humans.  Good thing, too, because there were a lot of humans in the Miracle of Birth Center.

Goats! Ducklings?  Goslings? Cygnets? I do not know.  I failed on the learning point, but aren’t they cute?


Piglets!  (There were a couple of ones on the end who weren’t very good at finding the right thing to suckle.)

Calf!  Born this very day at 8AM! Unlike the show barns where the animals are super shiny and clean, there was still afterbirth hanging from the mama cow.

More piglets!

Hens doing their egg thing.

The Miracle of Birth Center was fun!

2 thoughts on “Minnesota State Fair Day Two: CHS Miracle of Birth Center”

  1. This is neat! I’m pretty sure those are ducklings. But I could totally be wrong. I wish grown up pigs were as cute as baby pigs.

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