Minnesota State Fair Day Two: Revisiting the Butter Princesses & Sundry Items

I missed another butter princess being sculpted.  Today there seemed to be butter shavings left on the ground. I don’t remember those from yesterday.

This group held up boxes of Wild Rice and called out that they were one dollar.  I bought one.

Maybe you want to look at some sun porches or play houses?  This is your place.  The guy in this picture commented after I took it that he hadn’t seen a “real camera” in a very long time.  This kind of comment always annoys me because 1) It’s not like I just took a time machine from decades ago and used some item that no one has even seen for fifty years. It’s a friggin’ digital camera and takes better pictures (and faster) than the phone.  Also, 2) I saw multitudes of people with cameras after he said that.  Sheesh.

Do you have go-cart needs at the fair?  Those needs can be met.  Do  you need to float on a tube through a man-made water/river situation?  The Minnesota State Fair is your place.

4 thoughts on “Minnesota State Fair Day Two: Revisiting the Butter Princesses & Sundry Items”

  1. I haven’t used our camera in forever. But I do miss its high quality pictures! And I do not feel like a Luddite for using it!

    1. Back before digital cameras, I enjoyed being the person who had the real 35mm camera, who took quality pictures. Then, when every single person in the world suddenly got a digital camera, I was less interested in photography. It seems the pendulum is swinging back the other way, with me committing to good pictures with my real camera. But now I get the Luddite comments, which is annoying.

  2. As creepy as I find the butter princess sculptures, I would be interested in seeing an artist sculpt one.

    That is one fancy play house! Have you eaten your $1 wild rice? I’m curious for a review.

    1. I would have like to see the sculpting process also. One of the things I didn’t get to.

      I have not yet eaten my wild rice, but perhaps I will this week.

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