Our last stops on the quest

We’re back on the highway for our final page of stamps on the quest.  It seems our last page will mostly be a strip mall McMenamins experience.  In our haste to finish, I neglected to take pictures of most of our stops.IMG_5401

Matt’s final stamp came at the Highland Pub.  He claimed his pint glass prize.IMG_5402

Mine came from the not-at-all-romantically named Mall 205 Pub.  I show off my pint glass.  IMG_5403

It is ironic that our final prize said “On the quest to be a Cosmic Tripster.”  Because, you know, we’re done with that quest.   If we were the type of people to drop mics, the mic would be dropped right here.IMG_5404

2 thoughts on “Our last stops on the quest”

  1. Is it weird that I’m a little sad that your quest has ended? I feel like you invested so much time on it. Well done!

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