Pike Schemes found some good postcards.

I sent postcards when I was in Boise, but Pike Schemes found theirs in a different location than I did.  Two arrived today.

Get it?

(Um, in retrospect, you might not get it if you are not familiar with the touchy nature the natives of Idaho’s capital city feel about the pronunciation of their city name.   But for those of us in the know, it’s funny.)


I love that the Boise Rescue Mission has a neon sign.  It’s one of the things I never found odd while living there, but seems strange now.

2 thoughts on “Pike Schemes found some good postcards.”

  1. I just knew you would love these! Is it odd that they have neon? Hmmm….it doesn't seem that odd to me. The Boy-C one is my favorite, though. I just love it!!!

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