PKO Senior Dissertation

This autumn and winter, I’ve been helping a senior in high school with her high school dissertation, which is what her school calls the culminating senior project. I was one of three committee members and my job was editing.  I had great fun looking over PKO’s research paper and her journal entries.


PKO’s focus was on animals.  Her paper was about Animal Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation.  She also volunteered at the Oregon Humane Society with dogs, teaching them commands to make them more adoptable.  During that time she kept a journal, which included information about the different dogs she volunteered with as well as instructions for teaching commands to dogs.

Her teacher said it was one of the top three senior dissertations she had seen.

Well done PKO!

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    1. The biggest problem I had was that she switched the journal entries to a really distracting font. But she’s 18, so I rolled with it.

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