Postcards from the Netherlands and Virgina

Yvette sends me a card from Texel, which is an Island that is part of the Netherlands.  The church is from her village.  I love how upright the church is.  I also love that the lambs are nursing.  There is not a lot of nursing usually happening on the postcards.
Here’s another one from Kadir Nelson via Arlington, Virginia.  It’s labeled #1, so it is not surprising that it arrived with…
#2, another Kadir postcard.  You would think that someone just saw Kadir live and in person.

2 thoughts on “Postcards from the Netherlands and Virgina”

  1. It didn't really ever occur to me that the Netherlands has islands. Postcrossing has made me overly aware that my world geography is very shaky. Uh oh. I think I may feel a new project brewing.

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