I’ve had my eye on this corner since I moved to Kenton.  I love the uber-tiny house on the left and all that space just ready for a fabulous yard.  But the large tree that was on the lot has been removed.  And I’m worried that that large yard space will soon be gobbled up by a large house much like the green guy next door.  Who once upon was a much smaller house with a larger yard.

Oh infill, will there be any tiny houses with big yards left by the time I’m ready to move?

2 thoughts on “Worry.”

  1. I just don't get the obsession with big houses. I don't think I'd want anything so tiny as the house in this picture, but I certainly wouldn't want these 3- and 4-thousand square foot houses I see people buying on House Hunters. All I think when I see them is, "Damn, that seems like a lot of cleaning and I bet their utility bills are through the roof."

  2. And I think those above two thoughts as well as, "when it gets cold and it suddenly costs a ton to heat your house, you are going to be wishing you'd gone a bit smaller in scope."

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