Requiem: pocket dictionary

One birthday, maybe I was 25 or so, I took a hunk of my birthday money and bought many magazines, then stayed in bed reading them.  I also picked up two pocket dictionaries, because I am a bad speller and they were handy to have around.  One hung out on my desk and one I carried in my bag for quite some time.IMG_3219

Of course, now I can just look up anything on my phone.  But it’s fun to look at the pages, isn’t it?IMG_3220

3 thoughts on “Requiem: pocket dictionary”

  1. Ah how I love a mini-dictionary. I was thinking, I wonder why this is getting the boot? And then I remembered, for the exact same reason that I no longer need one. I have 2 different dictionary apps on my phone which get great use – especially this year.

    Here are my current favorites:

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