SKS Postcard: Trempealeau

Postcard 1/2 arrived the day after 2/2, as they are known to do.

Here we find out that the winery tip was to go to this town in Wisconsin. They did not partake in outdoor sports, but did do shopping for family and friends’ gifts.

I would have been all over that lake. I miss lakes.

Nice design. I also like Trempealeau’s tagline is “A mecca for outdoor sports on Wisconsin’s West Coast.” Perhaps I should plan a visit.

Update: it seems that might be the Mississippi, not a lake.

7 thoughts on “SKS Postcard: Trempealeau”

  1. The confusing thing is that there are lakes on the Mississippi just above and below Trempealeau. People talk about lake boating and swimming, but do it on the Mississippi.

    1. Lake Pepin is so big it took me a while to figure out what I was looking at on the map wasn’t a river. (Also the birthplace of Laura Ingalls Wilder! And, Wikipedia tells me, the birthplace of water skiing.)

      I would be all over that lake.

  2. It is very sad for me that we never got you to a lake for swimming in the land of 10,000+ lakes. Dang graduation weather just didn’t cooperate!

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