Song of the month: January 2015

Nothing has popped out this month as a song I’m crazy about (except for Jan’s song*) so I’m going to play catch up.

This song will always remind me of two things:  my 40th birthday and the resignation of Oregon’s governor.  This was the song I wanted to sing at my big karaoke blowout, but Voicebox didn’t have it. I discovered this after I’d been practicing for a week, so that was a bummer.

This is a very loud song, and I love it for that.  The back-beat that plays through most of it has a rhythm that is kind of claustrophobic, in a depressed sort of way.  They lyrics are good too.

*But she already wrote a blog post.  I’m totally going to buy that song though… And I just did.

2 thoughts on “Song of the month: January 2015”

  1. This is funny, because you turned me on to “Way Back When” by Kodaline, which I downloaded, but didn’t want to write a post about because you’d already done one. Haha! I never got around to writing a music post for January. The one song I really got into was very sad, so I wasn’t sure that I wanted to post about it.

  2. I remember that NPR had a nice piece about this when it first came out. I might have been weekend edition. It hooked me then!

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