Song of the month: March 2016

I have a list in my head of things to do the next time I find myself unemployed and on that list is the item “Memorize all lyrics to every one of the Avett Brothers songs”*

I love the Avett Brothers.  They play the kind of music I would write and play if I could either write or play music.  Nice guitar stuff, some banjo, really good harmonies.  It’s all there.

And this is quite the nice sentiment:
We came for salvation
We came for family
We came for all that’s good that’s how we’ll walk away
We came to break the bad
We came to cheer the sad
We came to leave behind the world a better way

*Except for “Kick Drum Heart.”  I hate that song.

4 thoughts on “Song of the month: March 2016”

  1. If you can believe it, I’ve never even heard of these guys before! I liked this song a lot. He has a great voice, and I enjoyed the lyrics. I think I’m going to go find them on iTunes and download a song.

    1. I actually can not believe it, because “I and Love and You” was everywhere in Portland at one time and I think you were still living here then. But I’m excited that you are discovering the Avett Brothers. I’ve heard they are absolutely tremendous in concert, though I have not yet experienced that myself.

  2. Huh? Your slightly less (okay very) musically oriented friend hadn’t really heard of these guys. I’m sure that I have peripherally, but could not recall. Thanks for sharing.

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