Three sentence movie reviews: Everything Everything

Even more delightful than watching this alone in the theater, was watching this with a friend who gasped in all the right places.  Both leads are still good.  Rendered into celluloid (or whatever the digital equivalent is,) the story seems much more far-fetched, but it is still a delightful ride.

Cost: there was possibly a cost?  We streamed
Where watched: At The Grey House, with Sara and Shawn

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3 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: Everything Everything”

  1. It’s funny how I gasped at the right spots, though I (in theory) knew that they were coming as I just read the book. It was so well cast and full of all the feels. The setting and house was perfectly rendered.

  2. I didn’t watch/read this because I felt like, just from seeing the trailer, I knew what “the twist” would be. So I just read that synopsis on Wiki and I was totally right, lol.

    1. Ah, but you missed out on a swoony love story.

      Before the movie, I always said that Everything Everything was a book that worked best the less you knew about it when you started reading. My librarian friend also had push back from kids who were tired of “sick-lit.” She encouraged them to keep reading.

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