Three sentence movie reviews: Friday Night Lights Season 4

Oh Season Four, you did something few television shows do: throw off the majority of your lead characters, tumble the fortunes of the others, while deftly introducing four brand new characters.  And you managed to make me still tune into the fortunes of a small-town football team, even though I’m still so football illiterate I can never read the entire scoreboard before you cut back to the football action.  How do you manage to do this?

Cost:  free from library
Where watched:  at home, with Matt.

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One thought on “Three sentence movie reviews: Friday Night Lights Season 4”

  1. I've still only seen the pilot episode, haha. Dan was skeptical but seems to have enjoyed it more than me. When we sit down to watch something together, he typically suggests Friday Night Lights after Longmire. We're almost done with season 2 of Longmire, so perhaps we'll pick FNL back up after that.

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