Three sentence movie reviews: Hysterical Blindness


Manages to pull of a miracle of movie making: Juliette Lewis as a character who doesn’t bug the crap out of me.  Aside from an excellent performance by Uma Thurman as a needy woman just looking for love, this also featured a romance between older people (Gina Rowlands and Ben Gazzara, both excellent).  This is one of those movies that I kept thinking about after.

Cost: free from library
Where watched: at home.

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3 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: Hysterical Blindness”

  1. Oooh, interesting note about Juliette Lewis, who does play less than appealing characters for me as well. I love Gina Rowlands and that she gets to have a romance! Glad to hear it stuck with you post watching.

  2. Part of me feels like I’ve seen this but the other part of me insists I’m getting it confused with Mystic Pizza. Hmm.

    Your review made me consider the fact that I instinctually find myself annoyed with Juliette Lewis whenever I see her. But it’s probably just the characters she plays.

    1. Juliette Lewis seemed to always play the same character over and over, which maybe does mean I’m not as annoyed by Juliette Lewis the person, as Juliette Lewis the person playing the role. At any rate, she plays a different kind of person in this movie.

      I’m betting you didn’t see this, because you would probably remember Uma Thurman’s delightfully cringing performance. In fact, I was thinking about it last week when walking to the train. And my memories of Mystic Pizza–though murky–were that it was mostly a fun movie, which this was not. (But in a good way)

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