Three Sentence Movie Reviews: Mudbound

Great performances all around, though I especially enjoyed the pairing of Garrett Hudland & Jason Mitchell, especially in contrast to the relationship between Jason Clarke and Rob Morgan.* It was apparent from the midway point things weren’t going in a good direction, and from that point, the movie dragged.  Still, it’s an unpleasant story that hasn’t been told enough, and I appreciate Dee Rees for the film, and also for pushing the ending to the point she did.**

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Where watched: at home

*Carey Mulligan brought it, as she always does, and Mary J. Blige was excellent too.
**I see I’ve got some Dee Rees to catch up on.

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3 thoughts on “Three Sentence Movie Reviews: Mudbound”

  1. I watched the first 2/3 of this with my family at Christmas. It was a SARA WOULD NEVER HAVE PICKED THIS sort of movie and I left the room as soon as that nasty father found the image in the truck and took the keys. I knew that it would not grow better for me after that point.

  2. Having said that I found the acting to be incredible. The art of the movie was quite wonderful, just an importantly difficult topic to watch. I’m glad that I saw at least some of it!

    1. If only you could have walked in for the last 3 minutes. You would have liked that part.

      But yes, very good acting, very difficult topic.

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