Three sentence movie reviews: Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping

I’d been wanting to see this ever since the Next Picture Show paired it with This is Spinal Tap for their podcast. Having finally seen it, I can report that this movie is hilarious enough that I laughed aloud while watching it by myself.  The cameos are reason enough to watch this movie,* although the songs are a close second.

Cost: free from library
Where watched: at home.**

*And I say this as a person who is fairly unaware of the modern pop music scene, and had only vaguly heard of many of the people in the cameos.  If I found them funny, someone with more knowledge will appreciate them even more.

**I floated this as a possible in-theater movie experience to Matt and he rejected it, saying it sounded dumb.  But when I put the movie on while he was in the room, he was quickly sucked in, laughing even harder than me, and only reluctantly left for an appointment. The next day he picked up where he stopped and watched the whole thing in one sitting–which is a rare thing.

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  1. This keeps coming up on my netflix queue. I wasn’t sure if it was actually watchable. Now I know to give it a look!!!

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