Postcard from NYC

This is a souvenir from Sara’s trip to New York City. She traveled there with her husband, parents and sister for a short autumn vacation.  They stayed in an actual brownstone (Air B&B) and, among other things, took in the old-school dioramas at the museum. (I love a good diorama.)

4 thoughts on “Postcard from NYC”

  1. Oh hey! Here it is! I really was worried that it didn’t get to you. So glad that it did. Those old school dioramas were kind of bananas! We have pictures of the Brownstone up on the blog as I type!

  2. Is that the museum they use in Night at the Museum? Google says yes! Funny that I recognized it when I haven’t seen that film in probably more than a decade.

    1. That museum is very memorable. I had memories of it before I even visited, due to the fact that I read the book “The One-Hundreth Thing About Caroline” in elementary school and she loved the Natural History Museum.

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