Tidying: some results

Here are all the sorted letters and photos back on their shelves.  And Tim Riggins lookin’ good.IMG_3300

Marie Kondo thinks that everything should have a resting place, which I’ve been pretty good at.

IMG_3301 IMG_3302And she also thinks that you should surround yourself with pretty things.  This grotty-looking empty Greek Seasoning container has been the holder of the rings for the Magic Bullet (there are a lot of smoothies consumed in this house) for some time now.  But now I have replaced it with a clean glass jar filled with sushi rice and oat groats I was never going to eat.  It’s prettier, and has more weight to it too.

Here are two shelves looking tidy. The cookbook shelf has long held cookbooks.  Now it holds fewer cookbooks. In addition, the journals that were stashed behind the cookbooks have been moved to the bookshelves.  Or where the bookshelves will be.  Also, the second shelf, which held cassette tapes and LPs, now holds the mid-brew kombucha jars, which previously stayed on the ground in shopping bags.  This is much better. And there is a hook for my work bag. It doesn’t have to sit on the floor anymore either.

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