What’s happening on and around Belmont Street.

I had cause to take a walk up Belmont Street and took a few pictures. 
Check out the date on this sign. It has been hanging in this window since before we moved into our house!

I want them to solve this crime.  This poor guy, (friendly to all as far as anyone can tell) was walking along a bike path in Ashland when he was decapitated.  Yipes!

These two signs together are great:
A School for Self & Energy Awareness
Absolutely You Salon.

I love the retro sign for this convalescent center.

Can you spot the update to this house?

I’m guessing this happened in approximately 1968.  I kind of like it, though.

Fancy house.

Really great church building.

Next to the really great Presbyterian Church that now also holds TaborSpace.

Ivy growing like mad over this building.

Ah. It’s a former Lodge building.

Look at that ivy go!

Around the side of the building we see one tenant.  I did some other checking and I think the rest of the space has been converted to residential.

Once I saw this, I wanted to make one of my own.

They also had painted bricks to look like books.

Here’s a fun house for when I have untold millions.

And here are the new houses next door.  I wonder if the above house had a massive lot they subdivided to a not-so-massive lot.

Poetry post.

With very interesting stapled metal top.

Still apartments! (After the condo conversion mania of the 2000s, that’s something.)

House for if I don’t ever hit the “untold millions” stage.

There’s some water sports and some biking going in with this car.

3 thoughts on “What’s happening on and around Belmont Street.”

  1. I never heard David Michael Grubbs before. Wow! Poor young guys, they just don't get much media attention when they go missing or get murdered. Oddly enough, I know someone in Dallas with the last name Grubbs and he looks a lot like this young man. I'm 99.9% sure they're not related but it's a weird coincidence.

    Loved the "distance to" post with all the locations from famous fiction, and the brick books. Really cute!

    The small car with the bikes and kayak strapped to it gave me a good laugh. Last weekend we were having breakfast and a beach police SUV drove by with surf boards attached to it. I wondered aloud to Dan why beach police would need surfboards. Are they chasing suspects on high surf days? I got a good laugh from the mental image but I still wonder what they would need them for.

  2. Lovely houses and buildings along the walk. I love the architectural uniqueness of your untold millions house! Perhaps you can buy it and do what they have done to our place and then you can own 1/2 or 1/3. Best of all world, big beautiful house and yet just enough (well, likely more than enough) space for the humans and the cats.

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