Lint update. Reseach and planning.

In my world, every great project starts in the library. This one was no different. I wanted two things from the library. One was a book that lists a basic wardrobe. The other was some sort of primer about dressing, how to avoid the five separate outfits, no mix-and-match problem that I’m having.

I started my search by looking for a book I used to own. It’s by Kim France and is called The Lucky shopping manual: building and improving your wardrobe piece by piece. I searched for it because I knew I could use the subject headings to find other books like it. Sure enough, the subject heading called “clothing and dress” brought me to exactly what I need.

For the first time, I used the “add to my list” feature in the catalog. It was pretty handy, I just checked a box on every book that looked interesting and then was able to email the list of books to myself. I could have printed the list, too. Then after work, I ran to the library, found the call number of the book I found the most interesting, and looked at the other books on the same shelf. From entrance to exit only took 15 minutes. I ended up with these five titles:

  • 10 steps to fashion freedom: discover your personal style from the inside out.
  • Business casual made easy: the complete guide to business casual dress for men and women
  • Ready to wear: an experts guide to choosing and using your wardrobe
  • Secrets of style: the complete guide to dressing your best every day
  • The look.

I’m making my way through both Ready to Wear and The Look. I’m a bit nervous because Ready to Wear wants me to go through my clothes and put back only the things I love and am currently wearing. I can envision two things that I love and am wearing. This may have to be amended to “like” and am wearing.

On the shopping front, I received notice that my favorite consignment store, Here We Go Again, is having a sale on Valentine’s day. Matt has class on Valentine’s day, so I made plans to go there after work but before my class on that night. By then I will have read more of the primer books and have a better idea what I need. On Sunday, I will stop at what I call “the fancy Goodwill.” It’s right on my way home from church and it is a Goodwill that only has the better designers. I will look for pants while I am there, as I am in dire need of them.

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  1. Well planned by you! I am very impressed with your diligent research. Sounds like you have some very great plans! I just visited a great vintage shop near Eastern Market. Jess and I had fun in there. I found a really great dress – but at was completely sheer (I would have bought a lining) and $75. I really liked it…but I am not sure if that much. S

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