Three sentence movie reviews–The 40-year-old virgin

I don’t buy the premise of this movie, that all his problems stem from being a virgin. Plenty of people are this awkward and lonely and have had sex. Putting that aside, and letting go of the fact that his friends aren’t very friendly, and this is a very raunchy movie, this is funny stuff.

Note the first: as you already know from the title if you do like/will like this movie or not, all those above qualifiers probably aren’t necessary.

Note the second: this is when I first noticed Seth Rogen. He’s not my movie boyfriend a la Edward Norton, but I do keep track of what he is up to.

Note the third: I quoted a line from this movie to Matt years ago and he has used that quote ever since, despite not having seen the movie. Now that he has seen it and he can legitimately quote the movie he probably never will again.

One thought on “Three sentence movie reviews–The 40-year-old virgin”

  1. Did the fact that it is Steve whats-his-name make any difference? He is funny, but I think the manly potty humor would make me say no. This is still on my don’t see list. -S

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