3 July 2008. A picture from the Hungary/Romania trip.

Our day began with breakfast at the High School, and then we met the Bishop and got a tour of the school, as well as the Unitarian Church. Because Unitarianism came out of the Protestant reform movement, the churches, especially in this part of the world, tend to be very white and bright with little ornamentation. What they do have is beautiful, solid color embroidery decorating everything. Apparently, if you are familiar with the styles, you can identify the embroidery by region. The church in Kolosvar had red embroidery, the church in Okland used blue.

We also saw the stone where Francis David stood and preached a sermon that converted the entire town to Unitarianism. (There has since been some backsliding.) We also toured St. Michael’s church which is the large Catholic church in the main square.

Then: swimming. I was thrilled as it was very hot and sticky and I like nothing more than to be in the water on such a day. We took the bus to the pool which was huge–they had one big pool and two or three smaller ones. There was topless sunbathing (which everyone handled most maturely) but the thing that was the most interesting to me was that the pools had no filter. They were very large cement rectangles with no outlet for all the detritus that comes along with public pools. So while swimming I brushed against all sorts of things.

Post swimming we broke up into smaller groups. Dana and I found a post office, which was thrilling as I had been trying to mail my postcards for days, and then wandered down to look at the Orthodox church, where these two women were chatting. I wonder how old they are? They could, conceivably, be in their early 60s as old people there tend to look older than their age would suggest.

2 thoughts on “3 July 2008. A picture from the Hungary/Romania trip.”

  1. Swimming pools in Romania are super dangerous – the recent news showed all the eye diseases that they pass on. … I would recommend a super hot shower after it!

    As for the old ladies – life is hard in Romania – so everyone ages a lot quicker than you would normally expect.

  2. Ewww…those kinds of things ick me out – I am sure that I would not have swimmed/swam/swum/swemmed in that water. Glad it was refreshing. I like the extra comments from Mr. Fogerty. Good thing you didn't get any illnesses. -S

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