3 July. Five pictures from my Washington DC trip.

Not many pictures today, as the majority of the day was spent traveling to Silver Spring to visit my Aunt Merle, who lives in a retirement community there. I had left my Zipcar card at home (drat) and so could not reserve one to drive and see her, so I depended on the Metro to get me there. It did, much to my amazement, though it was a bit more than a 90 minute journey each way. This is the road leading to the retirement community. While there, I neglected to take a picture with Aunt Merle. (double drat)
One of the houses on the way back. I liked the decorative wood in this carport.

Sara lives in this tall building. The one in the middle of the picture, not the one closest to me. By the time I got home, it had started to rain, a bit. In the afternoon, I hung around and helped (a little) while Sara prepared for our 4th of July picnic.

In the evening Sara, Shawn and I went to the very fancy and delicious Restaurant Eve, where Sara’s sister works. I had a delightful dinner including a poached duck egg with prosciutto and croutons as well as bouillabaisse for my entree. My dessert was quite fabulous, being a house made “Butterfinger” which was about 400 times more delicious than any Butterfinger I’ve eaten (and about twenty times more expensive.)

If you squint you can see Sara and I in the restaurant. We opted for the stealthy, no flash picture.

4 thoughts on “3 July. Five pictures from my Washington DC trip.”

  1. What a great picture of you two! It is disgusting but neither of you has aged from high school… so jealous!!

  2. I think it may be the low light. We shall see what you think when you see us in daylight on the last day.

  3. She is so generous! That was a fun evening and, since Jess no longer works there, it may be our last visit to that esteemed restaurant. -S

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