Last day of Summer Reading Volunteering

Today was the last day of my summer reading volunteer stint. It was a great volunteer gig. I showed up for two hours every Monday afternoon and assisted children 0-18 participating in the program. This involved stamping their summer reading passport and letting them select a prize depending on what level they had achieved. This took about 15 minutes total of every two hour shift. The rest of the time I caught up on my own summer reading, watched the patrons in the library and absorbed the varying hubbub that is my popular neighborhood library branch. It was a good way to end my Monday workdays.

Have you thought about volunteering for Summer Reading? They will need you next summer, so I encourage you to sign up. Just like my friend Kelly encouraged me to sign up. You won’t be sorry. And you get a t-shirt!

One thought on “Last day of Summer Reading Volunteering”

  1. Sweet! Sounds like lots of fun!!! I like library patron watching myself, it is fun to see what cross-sections of life come to the neighborhood library!!!

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