Three sentence movie reviews: Glee Season 1, Road to Regionals

The second half of season one had many delightful moments, perhaps my favorite being the Madonna episode and also the Safety Dance flash mob scene where both Matt and myself felt sad because Artie is such a good dancer and we normally never get to see him move his feet. I found the Bohemian Rhapsody/birth scene to be a bit of a stretch, but as usual enjoyed the singing and the dancing. Matt and I watched a dance tutorial in the DVD extras that told us how to do a tiny bit of the “Rehab” dance and I was somewhat discouraged to realize that they were teaching us the dance at about one-quarter speed.*

*I have to say that the DVD extras were very informative on the subject of dance. I’ve noticed that often the main cast mostly does the “circle around the piano singing” style choreography, which I understand as I don’t see how they all have time to learn all the songs as well as do the acting part and then throw in the dancing on top of that. So I’m always thrilled when we get to see dancing from “other schools” which are clearly populated by professional dancers who always cause our jaws to drop. Zach Woodlee’s choreography is amazing. Although of the main cast, Matt is a huge fan of Heather Morris’ (Brittany) dancing.

2 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: Glee Season 1, Road to Regionals”

  1. I am such a huge Glee fan! Even with inconsistent plots and not enough real rehearsal time for the music/dancing. Sue and Brittany have become my two favorites!!!

  2. Even with the autotune, I think so much of the music is catchy! Some of it I like better than the original versions. So fun!

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