Three sentence movie reviews: Lincoln

This is a movie with excellent acting,* an interesting plot, as well as wonderful set design and costumes.  Alas, it is a grand example of really excellent pieces failing to come together into a very good, or even a good movie.  I found it to be overly long and boring repetitive experience of speeches made by whatever character was in the middle of the frame followed by the John Williams music swelling to let us know how to feel.**

Where watched:  Regal Fox Tower
Cost:  Free thanks to passes from Kelly.  If I’m going to sit through a so-so movie, it’s best that it be a free so-so movie. (Also note that this movie was mostly my pick, so double thanks Kelly)

*Please note that there was excellent acting by Sally Field, but she is twenty years too old (I looked it up) to be Mary Todd Lincoln and that was incredibly distracting from the overall whole of the movie and her performance in specific.  There is no way that Sally Field looks like the mother of Tad Lincoln who was 12 at the time of the movie.***  Also please note that seemingly every male character actor in Hollywood is in this movie and thus it was very hard for me to pay attention as I was constantly trying to figure out where I had seen that fellow before.

**Check back in 15 years, I suspect this film won’t age well.
***Here’s a picture of Mary Todd Lincoln in her inaugural ball gown.  The information with the photo doesn’t say from which inauguration.   She’s no spring chicken, but she’s no old crone, either.  What 40-something actress would have been an age appropriate choice to play Mrs. Lincoln?

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  1. That is a very interesting review. I appreciate that it veers a bit from the main stream (raves and raves), but is very clear as to why. I never thought about the ages of the actors; I think Bechdel would be impressed (as I am).

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