Three sentence movie reviews: Me Before You


I got this because I was curious about Sam Claflin and if he had much range outside of Finnick* and I expected to find it rather so-so overall, kind of a British version of Nicholas Sparks’ tales.  Instead, I found myself captivated by Emilia Clarke, who is charasmatic and slightly odd looking in a way that makes it hard to stop looking at her.**  And the story went in an entirely different direction than I had assumed, so that was interesting too.

Cost: $3.00 from Redbox.  (I started watching this on 10/20 and the disk was scratched and wouldn’t move past minute 42.  They gave me a credit and I was able to finish the film a few weeks later.  However, their reserve system tricked me, so I ended up paying for two days, rather than one.)
Where watched: at home.

*Answer: probably not, but he’s pretty to look at.
**This poster makes her look like a standard starlet, but her face is really interesting to watch in a non-standard starlet way.

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The Huntsman: Winter’s War


I didn’t need much in this movie, not with the presence of the Hunstman (or, as I prefer to think of him: the Huntsmmmm-mmmmm!)  Like its predecessor, this movie was incredibly pretty to look at and held my attention quite well.  It’s one of those B-Movies graced with A-movie actors who bring their best effort, making for a nicely enjoyable experience.

Cost: $3.00, from Redbox, which now that Videorama has closed, is my best source for new movies.
Where watched: at home.

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A citizen responds

As part of a US Department of Justice settlement, my company is conducting a survey of the Portland Police and their community relations.

We sent a postcard giving residents the option of filling out the survey online.  That was followed up by a paper copy of the survey, complete with postage-paid return envelope.

This respondent wasn’t having any part of our postage-paid return envelope.  They supplied their own.  The return address moniker amused me.