Agreeing with the conservative columnist.

Hee!  I didn’t realize the Governer’s fiancee had so butchered the spelling of her name.
The rest of the column I didn’t really go along with, but in the first sentence, Hovde and I are seeing eye-to-eye.

3 thoughts on “Agreeing with the conservative columnist.”

  1. Did her parents name her Sylvia and it's just an affectation, spelling it "Cylvia"? I guess I'm confused because I feel like it's not her fault if her parents spelled her name weird.

    If you can believe it, this news item made its way to the national stage because even I've heard of it. Seems like a lot of hoopla over nothing to me. People marry for all kinds of reasons. I know this particular reason is against the law, but I feel there are far greater things to worry about than the relatively few "I married for the green card" cases that exist. Also, why should a give a crap about what a political candidate's future wife did 17 years ago? She's not the one running for office.

  2. Of course this was the story that broke nationally and not the one one from the previous week in the WW about her consulting business. That's the actual troubling story. (

    As to the spelling of her name, even if her parents did name her that and spell it that way, she's long past the age when she can take control of her own name (as both I-formerly Patty–and you–ahem, Janice–have done.) So I'm pretty sure that's how she wants her name to be spelled. And I think it looks dumb. And I'm sticking to that story.

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