Author Reading: Brian Benson at Powell’s

C. and I took in another reading at Powell’s.  C. took a class from Brian Benson through The Attic Institute (which is where the two of us met, though in a different class) and so we were happy to go to his book reading of his first published book.

It was a well attended reading, we were happy to have seats.  Benson’s sister owns a bike shop and coordinated a ride from her shop to the reading, so there were lots of bike-y people in attendance, which is fitting as the memoir is about Benson’s ride from Wisconsin to Portland with his then-girlfriend.

One thought on “Author Reading: Brian Benson at Powell’s”

  1. That sounds like a fun book! I love travel memoirs (if they're well done, of course). The bicycle tours in particular fascinate me. I would be so scared to bike across the country, mostly because I'd be afraid of getting hit by some careless driver.

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