Bigger stand-alone Opinion page. And yet.

The separate Opinion section in the Sunday Oregonian disappeared some time ago.  It morphed into part of the Metro page.  With the brave new world of lesser service masquerading as still the same level of newspaper, one of the things the Oregonian is counting in the “improvement!” column is the return of a separate Opinion section.  I was pretty happy too.  Although now that I read it, I have this problem.

There are more editorials, but nearly all of them continue on a different page.  This is massively annoying.  I expect it in the normal paper, it was always par for the course.  However, it used to be that the Opinion page had each Opinion piece on one page.  I read the paper one page at a time.  It’s the reality of where I read the paper (on the train and while eating my lunch at work) and even more than the regular news, I resent having to retain in my head where the argument was going until I get to the back page of the paper.

Surely you can work your magic and get all the words on the same page.

2 thoughts on “Bigger stand-alone Opinion page. And yet.”

  1. Yeah, I don't really get why you would split up opinion pieces. You're way less likely to retain a reader's interest because, you know, it's an opinion, not news. I would probably give up & never read the rest of the piece unless I strongly agreed/disagreed.

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