Fence creeping closer

We turn to the housing development down the street to see how it progresses. We illustrate the progress with blurry pictures (sorry).

This house used to have a full driveway. It now has a skinny sidewalk. As I am concerned about how this development will affect parking in front of my house (which does not have a driveway because I am also part of the problem) this isn’t great news. I assume the house is staying (but perhaps not?) and eventually those two units will be occupied again and will need parking, just like all the new units will.

And when I say “units will be occupied” I mean by rent-paying people. The squatters who have been living in it don’t come with cars. You can see where the trash has been emptied from the house. Again.

A view from the opposite corner. I can’t remember how high this development will go, but it is probable that eventually the house will not be visible.

3 thoughts on “Fence creeping closer”

    1. It’s got windows now, but not siding. It’s three stories high and does block the view that other house from that particular angle. I remain curious about what will happen to the house. They’ve managed to seal it up so squatters haven’t lived there for a while, but windows are open, so all the weather is getting in which leads me to believe that what matters to the interior doesn’t happen.

      Time will tell.

  1. My laptop is tired (low battery) so I will pause this commenting cavalcade for now. I have enjoyed a little day of preview Summer Sara. Commenting, binge-watching HGTV shows and being chill on the couch.

    I’ll be back!

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