4 thoughts on “Found in library book.”

  1. I used to find people's hold slips in books all the time! I never understood why they left them in there. I guess it's not a big deal; it's not like your identity can be stolen from a book hold slip but the tidy person in me doesn't like to leave loose ends. Here in SM they have these big stickers they put on holds that peel off really easy.

    P.S. I too recently picked up Gone Girl, although I went for the rare buy rather than getting it from the library. I haven't started reading it yet.

  2. They always get left in Arlington library books as well. I didn't like it. Recycle your slip, people!

    I have not been to our library here yest, in spite of the card, because I bought all of my books for class and I now work in a children's library. So, no need yet. But soon!

  3. Hello! I am Rebecca Pepper McKenna (truly). Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I love sorting things into like piles, hence the stack of slips you found. It never occurred to me they would end up in another reader’s hands, but now I know. Apologies for leaving them behind and yay for the Mult Co Lib.

    1. Well hello Rebecca Pepper McKenna! What a fun surprise this comment was!

      It’s been a while, but I’m pretty sure that I wasn’t annoyed at finding those slips. I like glimpses into other people’s lives.

      I fold my hold slips into quarters and use them as bookmarks and I’ve had a friend get a hold after me and find my hold slip too! Right now, though, no holds to pick up, so no hold slips, which means the ones I do have folded into bookmarks are being carefully kept for the physical books I have left to read. I’ve been doing a lot of ebook reading since the libraries have been closed.

      Happy reading adventures!


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