Found in notepad

I didn’t have a notebook and needed one for the conference I was attending. I grabbed an old notepad and ripped out some page so as to make my own smaller pages.  And here was a list of classmates.  I can tell by the presence of the name Abby, that this is from one of my Middle School Math Certificate classes.  I used to make a list of names on the first day, and then quiz myself before every class.  That way, when I needed to point out that Ida had a good point, I could just say, “Ida has a good point,” rather than, “I agree with her.” [waves vaguely in the direction of Ida]

People marveled over how I learned everyone’s name, but it wasn’t hard.  They mostly sat in the same order each week.  And learning names quickly is an important skill for a teacher to have.

One thought on “Found in notepad”

  1. This is smart! I have a pretty good head for names, an adaptation I acquired when I worked at the church, because congregants would get huffy if you forgot, but I usually need to get told a name at least twice to remember.

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