Immortal Piano turns out to be an aspirational name

I always enjoyed the cheerful 50s-style neon of the sign, as well as the fact that this was a place where I could always go and purchase a piano.  But alas, the Immortal Piano is no more.  I’m part of the problem, what with my digital keyboard and all.

One thought on “Immortal Piano turns out to be an aspirational name”

  1. I wonder when I see stores like this, how they stay in business. I always think, “Are there that many people buying pianos these days?” I wonder the same thing about vacuum stores, “Do people really buy expensive vacuums that need to be serviced?” Personally, I buy cheapo vacuums that I simply toss when they stop working (not that this is a consistent problem; I’ve had the same cheap vacuum for like six years).

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