George R.R. Martin has been read aloud!

I know we were reading this book on the way home from Cindy’s wedding, because that was when we decided to stop the “read one character at a time” method and switch to a regular read-through. That was August of 2013. ¬†We have been reading this book for a very long time.

(Note authentic Spartan Race scratches on Matt’s arm.)

2 thoughts on “George R.R. Martin has been read aloud!”

  1. Had you read it before? What did you think of it?

    I read the first three books many years ago. When the show came on, I had a hard time getting into it because I was trying to remember who everyone was. So then I decided to read the books again. I gave up about a third of the way through the first one because they’re very long and I have so many other books on my reading list.

    Then I gave up on the show. Problem solved. Haha.

    1. I can think of a few times in my life I would have been more receptive to this kind of book. The summer of 1996, comes to mind. I had one class, and I wasn’t getting very many hours at my Blockbuster Video job. I had no friends in town. I read a lot. Maybe even 100 books that summer. I could have torn through the whole series, easy. Of course, the whole series didn’t exist yet. And also of course, it’s not a finished series, and probably never will be.

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