Let’s revisit 1536 N. Schofield St.

This lot, you might remember, is for sale and has a really great tree on it.  Walking by today, I noticed some signs, and wandered back to investigate.  IMG_4409

Good job, Lindsey & Dan, for doing your part to save the tree.


They’ve attached a sign to the fence between their property and the lot and put a sign on the tree.

Until this year, the back part of the property had a garden.  I suspect it was the house behind that tended it, given the gate.


Looking out from the back of the lot toward the street you can see the walnut tree, the former garden and the holly tree.



3 thoughts on “Let’s revisit 1536 N. Schofield St.”

    1. It’s still for sale. I think they are being proactive. But I’m guessing a very large house will go in there.

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