Matt as the Oregon governors

After the eclipse, I stood in line to have the letters and postcards cancelled, and then we took a self-guided tour of the capitol.

Here’s Matt, sitting at the governor’s desk.

And now let’s see Matt as the governors.  As Theodore T. Greer:

As Julius Meier: (note that after that first picture, I neglected to take photos of the name plates, and there is not a convenient State Capitol Virtual Tour of all the portraits.  So I’m matching faces to Wikipedia entries, especially for the pre-1960’s governors.  Feel free to suggest corrections.)

As Oswald West:

As Vic Atiyeh:

As Ted Kulongoski:

As John Kitzhaber:

As Tom McCall:

As Barbara Roberts:

As Bob Straub:

And also as the dog:

I was quite taken by this very large mural of a good lookin’ shirtless guy.  Who was that guy?  Why did a shirtless worker make the cut for official statehouse murals? 

3 thoughts on “Matt as the Oregon governors”

  1. Haha, Matt did an excellent job! I love how great he is at the facial expressions. I find it curious that so many of the governor portraits are not of them in an “official” capacity. “How do you want to be captured for posterity?” “Just chilling with my dog by the river.”

    Perhaps shirtless guy was someone the muralist knew & wanted to “show off.”

    P.S. I have no corrections but would like to note that the “z” is missing from “Kitzhaber.”

    1. I feel like the non-official thing is totally an Oregon thing. We’re so chill about politics here. Right?

      The “z” has been restored to the good doctor.

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